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Commercial agents worldwide

We are aware of the importance of having a good network of sales representatives, distributors, brokers and partners when it comes to having a presence in the precious international market. A task that not every company can cope with.

That is why from Baranca Stream we offer a service, tailored to your needs, to search and select international brokers, distributors, representatives and partners in these markets, to make the internationalization of small and medium-sized companies easier.

The success of the commercialization of your services and products may depend on a good selection of international commercial agents abroad. In fact, although the search and selection of the proper international commercial agent can be a laborious task, it could be key in guaranteeing a permanent and stable presence in the foreign market.

In Baranca Stream we facilitate this task searching and selecting international commercial agents and distributors in the name of your company, making you reach the best candidates interested in buying and selling your products or services in those international markets in which they usually operate.

We put into practice a successful internationalization methodology where:

  • We define, together with your company, the profile

    which best suits the desired international market.

  • We search and contact

    those candidates who adapt best to your specific needs.

  • We filter those candidates

    who do not fit with the predefined profile.

  • We present a filtered and detailed list of commercial agents

    as well as distributors, representatives and potential partners in international markets that best suit your business line.

  • We can arrange the representation and distribution contract

    for your products or services abroad.

  • We advise and accompany you

    throughout the negotiation process, even taking part in the neccesary meetings with your international business partners.