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International Public Procurement

Baranca Stream has an international highly-demanded public procurement service, which we offer to all public entities.

We have an expert team of foreign trade consultants who has developed several projects of international technical support to public entities, such as the European Commission and the World Bank.

In Baranca Stream, we have collaborated in different international programs with excellent results. All of them have been awarded through international public procurement tenders. Our services in this area are:

  • Diagnostics

    of the international market.

  • Sectoral


  • Macroeconomic studies

    and also microeconomic.

  • Training

    and professional capacitation

  • Benchmarking

    and successful cases

  • Development of the private and public sector

    control and evaluation.

Our proven experience and dedication for more than 20 years in the sector rises our awareness about public procurement procedures in all international markets and help us offer our services in a professional and efficient way in almost any corner of the world.

We have the capacity to develop this activity for public entities throughout any territory in the world, although our action is usually focused mainly on European markets. These are some examples of the places where we have developed various international programs: Europe (France, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Holland, Italy, Scandinavia …), Maghreb (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco), Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia …), Senegal and the United States.