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Consulting in International Settling

Baranca Stream offers its consulting service in international settling. Our highly experienced team in international trade and export will make the commercial and effective settling of your company easier, working side by side with our collaborators in destination, which will speed up this process.

Our settling work consists of:

  • Carry out comprehensive market studies

    where we study the existing companies and their international activity. Besides, In the same way, we set the export tariffs for the destinations that best fit your products or services.

  • Locate companies or business partners

    who cn be interested in a joint venture or just in being your clients in the destination countries.

  • Locate investors at an international level

    with whom to set common commercial strategies aimed at strengthening your project.

  • Deal with constitution of new companies and licenses

    in the import/export field.

  • Choose and get the right staff

    for your export department or the international commercial offices, if necessary, for your company.

  • Legal and financial consultancy

    to properly settle your company internationally

All our efforts will be headed to settle your business in an efficient way and with all the guarantees of Baranca Stream. Given their career, our professionals will know how to solve the needs of your company or specific project at any time.